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Seminar on East Asia News 
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Monday 2,3,4(9:10~12:10) 
Restriction: juniors and beyond
The upper limit of the number of students: 30.
The upper limit of the number of non-majors: 10. 
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Table of Core Capabilities and Curriculum Planning
Table of Core Capabilities and Curriculum Planning
Course Syllabus
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Course Description

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: North Korea
North Korea nuclear and missile capability
Can the North Korean regime be sustainable?
UN sanctions
South Korea Moon Government and its North Korea policy
Trump’s North Korean policy
China’s ambivalent alliance with North Korea
Three summits between Trump and Kim
News Event: To recognize North Korea as a nuclear state, or launch a surgical strike?

Week 3: China and the United States, rival or partner?
Thucydides Trap
“Pacific Ocean is big enough for both us”
China policy from Obama to Trump
Trade conflict
Indo-Pacific strategy
News Event: Xi and Trump

Week 4: China’s development and its limits
an alternative model for market economy and liberal democracy?
the anti-corruption campaign & the consolidation of power of Xi
the suppression of liberal democracy and the Uyghurs
One belt one road
The rise of China and the reaction toward it
News Event: the Hong Kong problem

Week 5: South China Sea
Claims by all sides
Race to build up an island
arbitration on the July 12th 2016
United ASEAN against China?
Pacific Command and FONOPs
Taiwan’s awkward position
News Event: China dealings with Vietnam and the Philippines

Week 6: Asia New Security Situation ( a possible Asian NATO?)
Japan’s push for a “Normal Country” and its new security policy
South Korea and its THAAD dilemma
Historical issues between Japan and Korea
Ambitious India
the end of US pivot to Asia?
The role of ASEAN
News Event: Arms race and security alliance in Asia

Week 7: Global Challenges to the region
Legacy of global financial crisis since 2008
China’s growth slowing down and its impacts
Global terrorism, from al Qaeda to ISIL
EU after Brexit and its global impact
News Event:

Week 8: the end of TPP and regional trade
TPP as the economic pivot of the US
Trump abolished the TPP during his first week of Presidency
Can Japan carry on to lead without the US participation?
Foxconn investment in Wisconsin
The competing trade group, RCEP is forming
News Event: Trump’s Asia trade policy

Week 9: Taiwan’s role in the East Asia
The politics of Taiwan
DPP: status quo vs. the new & independent country
Cross-straits stalemate & Xi’s Taiwan policy
Phone call between President Tsai and President Trump
Taiwan’s relation with Japan
Taiwan’s economy
News Event: the coming presidential election in January 2020

Week 10: Japan
Historical and sovereignty issues with neighboring countries
Senkaku/ Daiyu islands
Japan & China: an uneasy relation
Japan redefines its security alliance with the US
Northern Terrority and Japan-Russia relation
Abe: the longest serving Prime Minister?

Week 11: Russia, an European power or Asian country?
“Russian Gate” in the US politics
New US sanctions and NATO operation in Europe
Moscow tried to maintain its Asian presence
Russia & China, an uneasy alliance?
News event: Putin for reelection, again

Week 12: ASEAN and the region
Burma: democracy consolidated?
Thailand: the new King and his generals
Malaysia: scandal of the Prime Minister and the opposition
Singapore: feuding within the Lee Family
News event: 50 years of the ASEAN

Week 13: Presentation and Debate 1
Economic and security dilemma

Week 14: Presentation and Debate 2
Merits of democracy and how to achieve it

Week 15: Presentation and Debate 3
Who are going to dominate East Asia in 2050? 

Course Objective
The goal of this course is to help you understand the key news events in East Asia. It will be hard to generalize the events into theory. But a framework will be helpful in keeping up with the fast news development in East Asia. 
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